Wisteria in Bloom

Celebrating the collaboration between Cumbria Wisteria and Brantwood.

Cumbria Wisteria is a Plant Heritage National Plant Collection® of species and cultivars of Wisteria started in 1999 by Fiona Butcher. It includes representations of four species, 6 hybrids and many cultivars. The collection as of 2022 is split between two locations; the original private garden and Brantwood.

The decision to disperse over thirty pot-grown wisteria was taken to allow them to flourish freely, and give the plants their full flowering potential. This exciting development will take the collection forward and ensure its continuity over time.  Plant Heritage aims to conserve the diversity of our garden plants.  They are the only national charity to ensure the cultivated plants we grow now will be available to future generations for cultural, medical, culinary and aesthetic use. They do this through the National Plant Collection scheme, their Plant Guardians and local group network, supported by their threatened plants programme and Persephone, an online plant recording system.

With thanks to Sally Bamber who has specially created artworks for our Plant Heritage collaboration.


Plant Heritage

Event Information

Date & Time:22nd May - 21st July 2024

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