‘The Bay and Beyond’ by Phil Entwistle

Brantwood is delighted to welcome Phil back to exhibit in the Severn Studio.  Phil’s paintings show the beauty of Morecambe Bay and surroundings, and every painting sold will help grow trees and benefit communities and the environment in the Sahel region of Africa – truly “The Bay and Beyond”.

Phil will be holding ‘Meet the Artist’ days from 11am to 3pm on Sat 6 January, Sun 28 January, Sun 18 February, Sun 10 March.

He is donating all proceeds from the sale of his paintings to Tree Aid, an international NGO that works with communities in the Sahel, a vast semi-arid region of Africa, to fight climate impacts and reduce poverty.

Phil has been a professional landscape artist since 2007, taking  inspiration from his home county of Lancashire and his early years growing up near Morecambe Bay. His experience of crossing the sands of the bay at an early age kindled an enduring interest in the processes that shape the physical landscape.

Having spent many years studying how geology changes UK landscapes, Phil began noticing the human-induced change happening in radically shorter timescales.  “I’ve always been interested in what happens in the environment – and that’s the basis for my paintings. Things that seem constant are changing all the time.  “I had this idea when I was feeling despondent, hearing all the bad news we get on a daily basis about the impact of climate change, and the urgency now of the need for leaders to act decisively.”  Recognising that these changes have a disproportionate impact on some of the world’s poorest people, he has generously decided to donate the proceeds from all sales of his paintings to Tree Aid until April 2024.  He says “I’m so grateful to Brantwood for giving me the opportunity to show my work in this remarkable setting.”

Tree Aid supports communities in the drylands of Africa to protect and grow trees so they can tackle the effects of the climate crisis as part of the Great Green Wall movement. Tree Aid works where trees are needed most, where temperatures are soaring, crops are dying, and wildfires threaten.  “Right at the beginning I decided I wanted to share the proceeds with Tree Aid. Their approach – the idea of working with local communities in getting things to happen for the long-term, rather than just providing relief in emergencies, is providing a future for people.  For 35 years, Tree Aid has pioneered a better way to grow trees by empowering local communities to grow and protect their own forests, only growing trees that provide long-term nutrition and green jobs, and combining ancient local knowledge with state-of-the-art technologies so each tree thrives.

 To learn more about Phil Entwistle’s work head to https://www.philentwistle.co.uk/ or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/a.geological.artist/


Event Information

Date & Time:6th January - 17th March 2024

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