Swallows and Amazons: As Seen from Abroad

Exhibition by The Arthur Ransome Trust

If translating a classic novel is a challenge, illustrating a translation is an art. Join us, as we explore the ways in which nearly twenty illustrators have reinterpreted Arthur Ransome’s Lakeland classics.

Arthur Ransome published Swallows and Amazons in 1930. Since then it, and some or all of its sequels, have been translated into over twenty languages, from French and Swedish to Arabic, Thai and Vietnamese. Whilst modern translations usually use Arthur Ransome’s own illustrations, many earlier editions included their own unique drawings. Whether realistic, atmospheric, moody or light-hearted, they provide fresh insights into Ransome’s five Lakeland novels, as seen from abroad.

How did Czech and Japanese artists imagine the Swallows and the Amazons and their friend, Captain Flint? How did Hungarian and American artists interpret a Lake District they had never seen? What choices did Dutch and Danish illustrators make when drawing the same scenes as Ransome himself? What happened when overseas artists drew scenes that Ransome felt were better left to his readers’ imaginations? These subjects form the core of an exhibition rooted in the landscape around Brantwood, yet viewed from as far afield as Helsinki, Tokyo and Prague.

Event Information

Date & Time:18th June - 9th August 2022

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