Exhibitions at Brantwood

Current Exhibitions

Severn Studio

15 March - 4 May 2014

Lakeland Kaleidoscope by Frances Winder

"I have always needed to express myself through painting. The ever changing light and colours of the Lake District are a constant source of excitement and inspiration"

A vibrant exhibition displaying Frances's latest collection.

Admission is included in the house and garden or garden only ticket.


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The Blue Gallery

9 January - 27 April 2014

Vital Beauty: The Art of Thomas Matthews Rooke 1842-1942

TM Rooke was an artist whose paintings in watercolour reveal an exquisite eye for detail and close-effects of light and reflection. His work was much favoured by Ruskin, who employed him to record the architecture, landscape and ways of life of France, the Savoy and Italy. Rooke was a close friend of Burne-Jones

Admission is included in the house and garden ticket.

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Forthcoming Exhibitions

Severn Studio

17 May - 22 June 2014

Nature.......and Man by Alan Stones

Alan Stones' paintings, drawings and prints are essentially human in their concerns. His pictures depict people and they also depict nature - but this is nature either as a metaphor for human activities or nature very much affected by man.

Admission is included in the house or garden ticket

Blue Gallery

1 May - 1 June 2014

One to One: New Work by Julian Cooper

The first in an occasional series focusing on a single new work by a living artist. Julian Cooper paints monumental elements of the earth on a monumental scale and is never more at home than in his native Cumbria



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