‘Water Essays’ by Frances Winder

Frances’ work reflects the mood and atmosphere of landscape. Enjoying colour and vitality, but keeping presentation bold and simple to add that mystery of personal interpretation. Her work evolves and changes with her personal interests, developing new threads to follow but keeping her basic love of colour, mood and the natural world in her work.

In the last two years, her work has become broader in paint application and freedom in brush work. In this exhibition, she will be exploring water, its moods, colours and flows. From storm cloud formations and the gap in the clouds, through the rhythm of rivers, fast, slow and sluggish. Broadening into lakes and marshland, out to the shores and pools on the seashore. Frances will be using paint in expressive ways to hopefully explore more than the literal view. Emotion and mood are very important to her and she seeks to create a link with the person perceiving the work to be reminded of places and times important to them.

In this exhibition, Frances will use paint- acrylic, watercolour and mixed media, as well as fabric and collage to express herself.


If you would like to find out more about Frances and her painting techniques, she will be holding some ‘Meet The Artist’ sessions in the Studio on Sunday 23 February and Thursday 26 March.

Event Information

Date & Time:22nd February - 6th September 2020

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