‘Through Floors, within Rooms’ by Stefan Orlowski

His first exhibition at Brantwood, this exhibition of oil paintings will be of Stefan’s incredibly sensitive, beautiful and sometimes disquieting portrait work.


The work on display focuses on a small handful of relationships, whose portraits recur in situations and common place realities that the artist manipulates to explore certain themes and concerns regarding the intimate scrutiny of the human figure; corporal honesty, anxiety, discomfort and a drive to explore physical and existential dichotomies. The works are predominantly executed in the traditional media of Oil or Egg Tempera, depending on the subject and intention of a given work.  The differences in approach and execution are a simulacrum of divergent drives in the artist; precision and rigour versus the gestural and suggestive. At times the paintwork can feel agitated in its handling as though contorted by anxious tension. In other works the handling may feel more yielding and tempered by a certain quietude or sympathy of feeling.


The environments of each subject are at times scrutinised and constructed around the individual to enhance a certain state of mind or accentuate a mood, perhaps driven by the psychological states of both artist and subject. A slumbering figure lies linen cocooned in the early morning, glimpsed daily through a half open door. Another squirms under artificial light upon a cold studio work top. Others sit plaintively in dull, dim rooms. Heads and hands contort on the grounded surface of the canvas.


The attempt is not to make pleasant images but to reveal, sometimes uncomfortably, prosaic daily realities and the emotional charge that they carry.


‘Through Floors, Within Rooms’ will be on display in the Severn Studio at Brantwood, open every day Wed-Sun 10.30am – 4.00pm and from 18 March 2019 10.30am-5.00pm.  Admission is included in the house or garden ticket.


Stefan Orlowski C.V.


DOB 25/12/1985


MA FINE ART, Wimbledon College of Art, 2011-2012

BA FINE ART, Aberystwyth University of Wales, 2004-2007


Past exhibitions


2018 – Lynn Painter Stainers Prize. Mall Galleries, London.

2017 – Solo exhibition, Land Lives, Heaton Cooper Studio, Grasmere.

2016 – Sunday Times Watercolour competition. Mall Galleries, London. 19 – 24 September.

2016 – Lynn Painter Stainer’s Prize, Mall Galleries, London, March 7-13 March.

2016 – The Next Generation, Piano Nobile, Kings Place Gallery, London

2016- Solo show, Signature Gallery, Kendal, 15 May – 20 June.

2015- Fire and Firmament (Solo show), The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal,

2014- Artist in Residence, Trelex Residency Program, Switzerland.

2014- Open Up North, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal,  UK

2013- Cartographies, St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London

2012- The Next Generation, Kings Place Gallery, London

2012- MA DEGREE SHOW, Wimbledon College of Art, London

2011- Wunderkammer,The Nunnery, London.

2011- Ruth Borchard Painting Competition, Kings Place Gallery, London

2011- Open up North, Abbot Hall and The Brewery, Kendal

2009- ING Discerning Eye , Mall Galleries, London

2008- Lynn Painter Stainers Prize, Painters Hall, London.

2007- Degree show, Aberystwyth University




2008- Winner Young Artist Award, Lynn Painter Stainers Prize




Ruth Borchard Portrait Collection

Event Information

Date & Time:16th February - 24th March 2019

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