The Power of the Hills: John Ruskin and Mountains

No  single feature of the earth excited more feeling in Ruskin than the hills.  No single aspect of nature inspired his brush more consistently or more beautifully.


Mountains inspired and obsessed Ruskin his entire life.  He wrote of them “Mountains are to the rest  of the body of the earth, what violent muscular action is to the body of man”.  To him they were evidence of the living nature of the earth.   Childhood encounters of the Lake District and the Alps created an insatiable appetite to understand the geology and geomorphology of mountains.  At the same time, his reading of  Wordsworth and discovery of the artist JMW Turner led him to  explore the spiritual power of the hills and the way in which artists convey this.  Ruskin drew mountains throughout his life and possibly no  artist or writer before or since has understood them so fully in all their aspects.


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Date & Time:7th December - 24th April 2017

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