‘Beneath Sight’ Ceramic Installation by Christine Hurford

A ceramic installation of life in the Lakes  by Christine Hurford.  On display in the Severn Studio.

Chris worked for some years in central London before returning to university to study ceramics. Since graduating in 2007 with a first class honours degree she has shown her work throughout the country.

She often  uses insects and other small and overlooked creatures  to think about lives ignored or disregarded by others. Working mainly in clay, Chris favours bone china  which when fired is tough and white. She enjoys working on large installations, sometimes showing her work outdoors.

Recent ceramic work includes dragonflies on the hills above Ullswater, dead flies on long mirrors in Carlisle Cathedral, delicate algal forms in Wray Castle and  a swarm of cockroaches at Ashness Bridge.

This exhibition is the result of Chris visiting the Freshwater Biological Association  near  the Windermere ferry over several years –  initially to look at and draw from the Fritsch collection of algal illustrations and then widening her search to other life forms  in or on the edges of the Lakes and streams. She has looked through microscopes at live creatures as well as microscope slides and other pictures to build up a collection of sketches  and drawings of the many life forms, some microscopic and others  very small.

For this installation at Brantwood  Chris has used swell paper drawings to “engrave” bone china plates, using graphite to highlight  creatures seen just fleetingly or partially hidden in the debris at the bottom of the lake. For the exhibition she will also show how swell paper is used and the different stages in production of the  plates.





Opening day Saturday 18th November. Christine will be there from 2 pm until 4pm and will be pleased to see anyone who wishes to see her.

Event Information

Date & Time:18th November - 7th January 2018

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