Hanna Somatics Weekend

November 1-4

A unique workshop that will inspire you to slow down and look at everything more closely, exploring a gentler way to release tension, improve movement and maintain your wellbeing.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi is one of the leading Movement Educators in the UK and, in this Hanna Somatic Education weekend, you will benefit from being able to focus more clearly on how you are currently moving, thinking and feeling, develop a new perspective and replace ‘old’ uncomfortable habits with easy and graceful new ones.

What better venue than Brantwood, given John Ruskin’s approach to taking time and investing in physical, emotional and mental wellbeing?

“In learning how to release neuromuscular tension, experientially, you can free yourself from rigid postural and movement habits and other constraints that bind your thoughts, feelings and actions. Hanna Somatic Education involves verbal guidance into slow movements with concentration, increasing your ability to accurately interpret new sensory information, also known as proprioceptive feedback. This uses focused intervals between stillness and movement. By slowing down and focusing your attention in the moment of movement, you gradually gather valuable information about yourself. You actively engage a different part of your brain and become more self-aware so that, practically, you have greater functional ability.”

Karen Douglas de Fenzi

Through seven specific, simple movements, Karen will work with you to recognise the internal sensations associated with your feelings of release from neuromuscular tension. You will build your internal self-knowledge and understand better what it means for you to be free from your own unique combination of pain, trauma and stress.

After just a weekend at Brantwood, you’ll recognise and have come to know the first feelings of being truly relaxed, feeling good from within yourself and in relation to everything (and everyone) around you.

Karen’s approach and this extended weekend schedule are ideal for anyone wanting to improve their movement and wellbeing, their awareness and self-knowledge.

Hanna Somatic Movements will have benefits whatever your situation, age or stage of life. You might be a dancer, an artist, a sportsperson or simply someone who is conscious of the limitations that tension is creating and who is looking for freedom and movement. Please contact Karen if you have any concerns or need advice ahead of booking a place.

Workshop Schedule
Friday 1 November 6pm – 8pm at “The Lodge” to set the scene and introduce Hanna Somatics
Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 November 9.30am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 4.30pm each day in “The Loft” – roll out floor rugs provided
Monday 4 November 9am – 10am at “The Lodge” to bring everything together before departure.
Rate ~ Residential – Payment in Full (for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights) £425
Rate ~ Non-Residential – Payment in Full £225
For more information or to register please contact:
Karen Douglas de Fenzi
Email: karen@defenzimovement.co.uk
Mobile: 07515 884 640
Website: www.defenzimovement.co.uk

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